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If you are a talented racer who wants to join a proven, winning team then apply today and we can start to negotiate a range of options to further your driving career. From full season to drives, to private test days, McEntee Racing can provide it all.  





What We Offer

We can work around your budget to create the most successful possible outcome for both yourself and our team. Our current car is fully legal to compete in all manner of Hillclimb, Sprint, and Monoposto racing championships. We are based in the UK but would happily compete internationally if requested. ​

The team provides full race support, including getting the car to and from each event. With highly skilled mechanics on hand and driver coaching available, we have all the necessary support to take your racing to the next level.


Make: Yamapin R1

Design: Single Seater

Class: Race car up to 1100cc

Engine: Yamaha R1 1000cc

Body: Full Fibreglass

Power: 200 BHP

Weight: 300kg

Safety: Full FIA seatbelts and Passport

Available Championships

  • British Hillclimb Championship: The national championship within the UK, with a large calendar spanning the whole of the United Kingdom, visiting some of the most historic venues in Motorsport.

  • British Sprint Championship: Race against the fastest race cars in the UK. The championship requires extreme skill and see's the driver competing in one shot shoot outs against other competitors.

  • Javelin Sprint Series: A friendly yet competitive championship with a lot of track time and a massive range of potential competitors. Big variations in track challenges.

  • European Hillclimb Championship: The biggest Hillclimb racing series anywhere in the world. Touring the entirety of Europe across iconic venues competing against the highest degree of car and competitor.

  • Monoposto UK: For a chance to race side by side against competitors in the traditional racing format. This is a multi class championship visiting the UK's biggest grand prix tracks.

  • Pikes Peak: The largest and most prestigious Hillclimb event in history. Pikes Peak is one of he biggest challenges in Motorsport and with McEntee Racing you can tackle the mountain.

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