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Car Disc Brake
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EV Powertrain Swap Garage

A one of a kind chance to convert your car into a future proofed EV machine with performance specs and classic styling.  


Our garage offers a completely personalised service, simply enquire via our website and we will work to retrofit your classic or high end car with a brand new state of the art all electric powertrain. With incredible specs in terms of both speed and efficiency.



Your car will be retrofitted with the highest quality electric motors. Either using fully custom designed or Tesla units. The powertrain is already tested and used in other EV vehicles and is provided by worldwide leading manufacturer Electric GT. Our highest spec system produces 400+ BHP, however we can offer complete custom systems with power unlimited.


Once the work is done on your vehicle it can be registered as an electric vehicle. This means it will jump through all government legislations and require zero carbon tax payments. Your car will be legal to drive within any city anywhere in the world, no matter what happens to the downfall of petrol cars you will keep driving.


When your vehicle reaches our garage it is treated with the utmost care and respect. We understand the passion that one can have for their car and we promise to preserve it's heritage.


We offer a large range of potential specs and we guarantee long range and efficient driving experiences no matter what option you choose. Our entry level EV swap offers the equivalent power of a 200 BHP internal combustion engine, with a mileage range of 100+ miles dependant on driving conditions.


Our work does not stop with just the swapping of the powertrain of your vehicle. Our garage offers full personalisation and updates to the interior design and exterior of your car. With aerodynamic bodywork options and fully customised vinyl wrapping also offered. Whatever your budget we will work to create your piece of future history.

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